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Are you juggling business and kids this summer?

I’ve been having fun with my wonderful boys. We have been on a mini break to Warwick Castle, following Giants in Liverpool (google Liverpool giants 2014; simply awesome!), wild swimming in our nearby mere and spent a day on the beach in New Brighton, my childhood home. I swam in the River Mersey and was  Continue Reading…

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Is your Job Sucking the Life Out of You?

coaching mums is your job sucking the life out of you

Once upon a time… There was a talented, highly skilled woman called Sally. One day, Sally becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son. She drops out from the senior level role she has reached in her industry and finds a job in the same industry at a different company. She agrees to a massive pay  Continue Reading…

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Let it Go!

If you are a mum of a girl between the age of 0-10 you’ll know that the subject header for today’s email is THAT song from Disney’s movie, “Frozen”. If you don’t know what I’m on about, go to YouTube and type in “Let It Go”. Max and Freddie have told me  – with a  Continue Reading…

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People grow from Connection

“People grow from connection”: This is one of the 9 guiding principles of CoachU, the Coach training school at which I am a graduate and lifelong member. I have always loved this guiding principle and as I grow, learn and get older, it has become absolutely fundamental to the way I live my life. The  Continue Reading…

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The Five Myths of Modern Motherhood

On Wednesday last week, I attended an event called Mumstock.  It was a conference aimed at Marketers to furnish them with the latest thinking and research on what mums want – and thus, how to market better to mums. and Saatchi and Saatchi jointly organized the event and the opening keynote for the conference was  Continue Reading…

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Why you forget things as a working mum

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One of my FaB Club clients was berating herself because she’d gone into town with a big list of shopping and chores – and realised she’d left her purse at home. Do you think she should have been hard on herself for messing up? I think not! A better response when we forget stuff is  Continue Reading…

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The 15 Minutes that changed my life

Have you ever been intrigued by the deliciousness of the “What if?” scenario in the film “Sliding Doors”? I find myself fascinated by the impact on our lives of the choices we make in moments. With every step that each of us takes, there’s a fork in the road and myriad ways to respond. Sometimes  Continue Reading…

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Why you must ask for help as a working mum

Do you feel that there you need to run through a mental project plan in order to simply get yourself to work? If only doing business or going to work was as simple as getting up, having a shower and a shave, donning a suit and walking out of the door. Know what I mean?  Continue Reading…

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6 Simple Ways of Being More Zen for Working Mums

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At Peak Of Wellbeing, we coach stressed and tired working mums, focusing on six simple foundation factors, to a re-energized, restored and rebalanced way of being. We all know about ‘Working Out,’ but what does it mean to ‘Work In?’ Most of the time, we are expending energy or putting energy out, for example; working,  Continue Reading…

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How to get an extra hour each day

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Happy New Year ! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas break! What do Michelle Obama, Anna Wintour and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common? They are all early risers. Michelle Obama decided she had to get up earlier in order to prioritise her own self-care. I love this quote from her: “I just started thinking,  Continue Reading…

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