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Is debt stopping you from living your best life as a working mum?

by amanda

money down the toilet
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We all know that we need to strip away the weeds before you plant a luscious garden, that we need to clean a wall before we paint it, that we must detox and clear our body of toxins before it can properly absorb the good stuff we put in it.

It’s the same with wealth. It is impossible to create sustainable thriving wealth when you have weeds in your wealth garden, toxin build up and grime all over the place. In the case of your wealth and money, those weeds, toxins and grime are debt.

We have been duped into believing debt is a normal way of life, just something we have to put up with, but that is wrong. Debt is one of the biggest destroyers of people’s dreams and lives and that is why I am so thrilled to be able to tell you about my mentor, Ann Wilson AKA The Wealth Chef.

Ann has recently given a Debt Busting Masterclass and if you have any debt in your life you absolutely must listen to this complementary class to discover how to get rid of those weeds, toxins and grime in your wealth kitchen now.

Ann has kindly allowed me to share the replay of the class with you and you can listen to it here:

During this masterclass Ann shares practical strategies on how to immediately begin destroying debt and increasing wealth which I know will be of massive value to many of us working mums working as hard as we can and constantly wondering “Where does all the money go?” Especially those of you who are paying big proportions of your income towards childcare costs. I seem to have swapped childcare costs now for another challenge – how to run my business during school holiday time with both my boys with me! :) But I digress! Back to the masterclass

Here’s just a few of the gems you’ll learn if you listen to the masterclass recording:

  • How to know if you’re heading for a financial disaster?
  • The #1 mistake people make when they try to get rid of debt, the fatal mistake that actually keeps people in debt, and how to avoid it in your life.
  • Exactly what tweaks you must make emotionally to transform your debt into wealth
  • Exactly how to make your debt destruction plan TRULY IRRESISTIBLE so that you actually get excited thinking about it.
  • What to do first, second and third when it comes to setting up your debt destruction strategy so that it sticks. Your time is precious and your dreams are even more so. Let me show you how to get this right now so you can get back to living.
  • And much more!

I hold Ann in very high regard. Even though I have recently spent many hours learning from Ann, I still listened to the Debt Busting Masterclass as I simply can’t learn enough from this woman!

She will knock your socks off! I am absolutely certain that, if you listen to this class, you will have many “AHA!” moments and not just about debt but about wealth in general.

Because Ann also holds me in high regard (yeah – a mutual appreciation society!), she has offered to not only let me share this awesome masterclass with you but also offer you a $100 discount off her very powerful and effective Debt Destruction programme “JUST FRIGGIN’ DESTROY IT… Your Debt that is” starting live on the 18th November.

When you join the programme, enter the code FREEDOM in the coupon code box at checkout to claim your discount. This offer is only available until the 15th November so go grab the masterclass here:

Let’s get rid of the things that stop us from living calm and fulfilled lives as working mums, starting with debt.

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